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Wonderful pass time.

My wife and I play the House of Fun slots all the time and we love it keeps use from itching to go play at the real casino. We get just as excited to we here.


Not much for winning, but it doesn’t take long to loose your credits.

Great game

Fun relaxing stress free game.


You should increase the amount of coins in your coin pkgs. You want way to much for so little. Otherwise I have been playing this game for years at least 6. But it’s a challenge to get to the next level.

House of NO Fun !

Just like many of your players, HOF only let's me win for about 20 to 30 minutes, then goes into VERY obvious brutal mode where I cannot win ! nothing but broken patterns and very small wins... You want me to buy coins to play games that regularly tease me and then torture me ??? Are you people evil sadists that enjoy providing misery to your players? I hope you folks that make a living at HOF receive some mercy on judgment day from the almighty, you would get none from me!!! I would give you (each & all) what you have dealt out to the rest of us!!!


Lots of fun. Still highly enjoyable game.

# lost Count Of the number of times you have asked me to rate

WHY? Again why

The bonus wheel has to be fix.

Again, wheel = low bonus coins. Truly, this can not be “random”. Every day it’s the same thing. Anyone reading this comment, please, do not consider buying any coins from this company. If you do, you are throwing your money away. Offering “special” game incentives to your players, knowing full well the player is going to lose, is cruel. Thank goodness, we have never purchased one dime of coins from you. We feel sorry for the people who do buy and continue to lose their investment. Like we said, your business practices are cruel. Another day, no better. Another day, no better. That spinning wheel is sure struck on low bonus coins. Bonus wheel is still poor, however, today winnings are up significantly. Let’s see how long it lasts..

House of fun

Finally won a little then I played the challenges and beginning to loose! The challenges are a joke won a gold chest! Big deal can’t do anything with it! Not fun!

False advertising

I have been playing for a long time so now the new challenge the last few days is kingdom tales and it shows pictures of all chest including diamond chest hidden in the cards. Well I have completed the challenge and there is certainly no diamond chest there! I just feel like they advertise to get you to purchase and play and you never get what they make you think you will get and it’s almost impossible to win EVER! They have great games but it is dishonest and impossible to play unless you purchase the very overpriced coins and it’s sad because it is fun but that fun comes at too high a price for my taste


Take the HOT sign off your games because they are NOT hOT! I got not one bonus! NO SURPRISE!!!

Unhappy player

How come every time HOF has an update the payout gets less and less. Does HOF think the player would not notice??? HOF starts new stuff but the problem not enough coins are rewarded to play for any length of time. What a crappie way to treat the players. I would say the majority of players have the same gripe and probably enjoy the games of HOF. TIGHT A- - HOF. Too afraid to payout to the players. Everyone needs to find other games that payout enough so the players can have fun. Take advice find other games to play. At least one that has pay backs that gives players enough to have fun and enjoy the games. Ever once in a blue moon HOF does loosen up and pays good payouts but those payouts are far apart. QUIT SCREWING AROUND WITH THE SPINS AND CAUSING THE SPINS TO MAKE SURE THAT A PERSON DOESN’t RECEIVE MUCH OF A BONUS. I agree with other comments HOF is cheap when it comes to payouts to the players. Other games pay a lot better. Agree GET RID OF THOSE STUPID CHESTS THAT DON’t REALLY GIVE ANYTHING. THEY ARE JUST A PAIN.


Hope everyone won’t spend and learn about this Rippff app like me .. they ripoff players who pay & play .. unethical .. cheat ... TOO GREEDY!


I love this casino app, can stop playing.


A lot of fun and relaxing time

House of fun

Lots of fun

Great game

Fun and realistic!

Fun game

Good fun game

House of fun

Fun game. 5 stars


Great fun game love love it great fun

Love it


Higher prices

Another special for Turbo collect and it is still $3 higher than it was before their improvements. Disappointed but I refuse to pay that much and there is the matter of principle that the more you play (level up) and pay (for coin packages) the more they screw you over. You end up with higher minimum bets for everyday play and challenges and they up the price of their coin “special deals”. I usually lavish praise on HOF and give 5 stars but lately my reviews and ratings are lower due to less and less play time and the fact that they punish those who pay to play by making it more expensive to do so. Why are you running off paying customers? Bring back the $3.99 and $5.99 deals instead of $6.99 and $8.99 please.


I love this game. The only game I play


Fun games all different graphics & pays usually well, however stopped to answer phone & jumped from 20,000 I was playing to 100,000 before I noticed and lost 8,000 before I realized it....became game will change bet if you put down game for 2 minutes. Some games hard to find coins or bonus game good payouts &bonuses totally come ofteb


It’s an awesome game to keep busy Don’t really know about winning anything real but fun yes!!

No fun anymore

I use to love playing this game. But you get tired of saving up coins and losing them in 2 minutes. I use to play it a lot more but it’s just too hard to not only win but keep your winnings. Even if they r the most fun to play doesn’t matter anymore because u can’t even play if u don’t have coins. It’s just too expensive to buy something n lose it in 5 min. What’s the point of that. There r do many other games out there that u can play that r not as expensive n easier to win. I will change my review when I see a change in the game for the better. The other games that weren’t as good are becoming better when u play them. Once again saved up to 23 million n lost it all in a few minutes - I’m giving up on the game ! If u don’t play it yet - don’t bother - try other games

House of Fun

I have been playing this for a long time, but don’t enjoy it anymore!!! As I every get much from Spinning the Wheel!!!! You wait and wait and then maybe 20 or 40 !!! Thanks for hearing my problems....

House of fun

Players are not allowed to win large amounts of money. Other apps give much more money everyday even if I never play. This is my favorite app, but I refuse to buy coins to play. The Bingo Slot game never knows when the challenge is completed.

Very good+

Very fun slot game with new games and unlockables one of the better slot games


It takes a long time for you to win but when you when you bake big money but then it takes a back within an hour I really wouldn’t recommend this game if you don’t get annoyed easy

Don’t understand

Having a lot more fun thistimeI get it nowadays doesn’t explain bonuses very good but figured it out I change


I love playing the slots




I wish I hadn’t updated this game I was winning on the old one better I lost a million dollars since I updated yesterday I wouldn’t update if you haven’t already why are y’all taking my points I haven’t even play today and a lot of my points are gone


Muy bueno 👌!!!

Money money

You guys just want money money money money money money money.

F’n Bulls#!T

They want you to download the game and steal your info!!!! They didn’t even give the 100 free spins MF’s

Cash grab

Don’t spend any money on this game ,they cheat u so bad on so obvious they just want spend spend and spend .dont get me started on little bit of free coins to give you which such a joke.

Rip off of coins

I have written several Reviews. I am writing this review because I want to let the developers of this app to be aware that I play this game daily. Yet I am not getting any credit towards the PLAYTIKA REWARDS. I have over 74 game levels I opened. Because it is not giving me credit at all lately I am stuck at 870 on status points and it will not advance like the FAQ says it is to do. The wheel of fun some of the time does not give coins that you win. I supposedly just won 30,000 coins but they were not deposited into my balance!! PLEASE FIX THE HANG UPS. OK here goes another review for once I found a game that I really like I actually won over 90,000 coins but is easy as I want it I lost it I think their way they do the winnings is not fair. In fact since yesterday when they started or maybe today it was when they started the prints thing cards they’re really ever any points given like previously when I played you need to fix this glinch. Thank you Respectfully Vctorea


All this game wants is you to spend money. You never win and free money disappears. Lame game


I enjoy playing the games ... it’s been a great way to pass the time ... but for the second time this week I purchased coin pack and it charged my account and I never received them ... I have attempted to contact them and it keeps telling me they’re not available to leave a message... AND IT WONT LET ME !! I’m now done with this game because of the lousy service!!

Having fun!!!



I’ve been playing this game for months it takes forever to build up your coins to play and if you do get lucky enough to hit a “big” win that’s the only thing you win and it drains your coins. I’ve even foolishly paid for coins just to play and it goes even faster. It’s not like you win real money anyway. Not worth my time most days. Will be thinking about deleting this app.

Love this game.

It provides hours of play time

Great Slot Fun

Plenty of different Slot wheels just right to please everyone. Lots of fun.


Did not receive my 100 free spins

Love this game

Fun game to play


Love the dynamite game! Love the spinning wheel. I finally won 555,000 coins! Yay! Love being able to unlock games. Just wish we had “free unlocked” days. So I could play all the games. ;)

Miss Jenna k

Love the games, the daily free coins! A must play! So many cool games and love all the free coins!

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