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😥It’s so sad , that it takes so long to a bonus and now when I do it doesn’t pay like it used, that is why I can’t afford to take a big change of buying coins because I know that is to high of price that you’re selling them for this is a game. I want you all to know the price amount you selling your coins for $23... I took that to the Real Casino and put in $20.... I won $1,000. I gave to the POOR


Love this game

Good times


Good pastime

Good game to play, some days are very good, other days you just have to wait and be patient! Not as good as it use to be.


Sure would love to win more so I can keep playing

Best slot

Best one I have played


Butterfly I like the games &.bonuses. Excellent selection of games!

Great game

Awesome game love playing on a daily basis. Keeps me entertained

Pay High...

Great Games! High Pay!! Just Can't Put It Down‼️

Ms. S

I absolutely love your games. But I do not think that the computer generated repulse sometimes are actually the truth… I played wild wild West and Africa thousands and thousands of times. I can count on one hand how many jackpots I have gotten on either of them… And for that matter I can probably count on two hands how many 50 spins I have gotten. It is not even kind of Possible that 10 and 20 spins come up 19 out of 20 times. Something is programmed for that to come up. That is not a random number.


Great fun!!!

Lots of fun. Moves along fast.really enjoyable!

Rates 5stars all the way. Good all the way Love this of my favoritesI do like this game but, every now and then it will not give me coins I have earned, especially on spins.still 5stars. Great games, lots of variety My favorite game. Double 5 stars This is one my favorites. I play it everyday. I continue to love this game. Sometimes frustrating but still can't help myself,I still play it everyday Great graphics. So-o-o much fun. wow!!! I'm hooked Love love love!!! What more canI say? Just a fantastic game!!! Good game, but, it should always give coins that are earned in a spin, not ask if you want to buy another spin, and if you say no, not give the coins that you have just spun. It keeps happening!!! Still my favorite. I play it everyday. Trying more of the many games that are part of this app. Terrific!!!


Great fun! I see lots of negative comments regarding this game. Get a clue people, this is a gambling game with the odds the same as Vegas. Favor is on the side of the house. Bet small and have fun. I won the grand jackpot of 20M yesterday with a bet of 750.00. Great graphics, fun contests. Log on to Facebook and collect free coins, they are generous. If you buy coins, it’s not outrageously expensive. Doesn’t crash!

Great game

So much better than before you actually win 👍


I have so much fun with this app. I like it because its more realistic in the betting and winning way.

You keep asking but never change.

Game no win ;lost all no good Play by your self No bonus, every 3 hours for little coins, you should give people more then this . When they like your game they will buy, You have to give people more win so they can play. This is not real money , if I pay money to play game I rather go to casino p

Not a lot of return for your buck

I know a lot of apps rely on people spending money, but this app hardly gives you anything in return. A lot of other slots give you a lot more free coins. I am deleting it now.


Doesn’t pay never gives a good bonus hardly win free games. And the daily spin collection stinks. You get 1800 coins which is gone in 2 spins because each game cost so much to play. WHAT A JOKE


Why when you win you don’t get all of the symbols shown

Very good game

Not a bad app.


I love it this’s an awesome game I love to win

Feeling let down 😒😒😒😒😒

Why is so hard to get a bonus game or re-spin? Please loosen up!!


HOF best game ever!!😀 love winning at HOF but do have some tech problems sometimes


Great game great fun

House of fun

I was having fun but you took all my coins! Spun the wheel and got a measly 100 coins! That lasts one minute. So no I’m not going to give you a 5 star. Right now you’re 1...

Fun but expensive

It’s fun and all but if you want to get anywhere it’s expensive.

Awesome slots

Awesome slots

House of Fun

I enjoy playing HOF . I feel HOF pay outs are fairly good. Mind you though - some days you can’t hit anything. Overall games by HOF are my favorite.


Not many big jackpots but fun


Hof is really cool slot awesome graphics it's hard to hit I do like playing

Great games

Update... still love your site ... however...lately very difficult to get coin balance up to any great playable amount... several 10000 bets and coins are exhausted... hard to participate in challenges when coins are purchased and are gone with just a few plays... bonus games seem to be far and in between.... please open the games to your players... you have the best games and great variety of games... keep up with your great designs...but please loosen slot payouts...Thankyou Great site for slot machines... Best games...adding new games on a regular basis...however...need to loosen wins and especially bonus games... yGetting more difficult to win and continue having fun...please review wins, bonuses and payouts...thank you. Love love this site... Adding more games keeps it fresh and challenging....more bonus hits please...NOTE: on the Fun Wheel spin.... please get rid of the low bonus hits.... really 78, simply too low and not rewarding.... thank you. Love your site almost constantly....however....I suggestion to help improve....make the FUN WHEEL....truly fun....please consider removing any amounts under 200,000 coins ... would make it more worth the wait and coins it takes to get there..... ty. Getting a bit more difficult to win... fun??

Variety of choices

Many choices of games with low bets ! Graphics and sound are amazing!

Fun , but

The games are fun to play, but the winnings are far and few ! I can’t afford to play higher and can’t afford to keep putting money in to buy coins to get a diamond chest . I’ve been a long time player and it would be nice if you would award higher wins, and chests to your long time players . But as I said the games are fun , just play what you can afford.

Fun all day long


House of fun

Love theses games. Enjoy your casino games very much. Loads of fun. New game woo hoo,,,,,

Free spins for real money

When I signed up the other day I was told I’d get like a 100 spins free for real money if I signed up right away I did not receive any free spins for signing up and certainly not for free money it did hurry time is running out what they don’t want you to know about this is that if you sign up when you read the article you receive free spins for free money and could win real jackpots up to so many free spins, I signed up I’d like to have that opportunity, Sincerely RW. 😎

House of fun

Love the game

Good app yes

Fun games yes

House of fun

I have not won much on these games. If you do win it is always the mini. A lot of the games you rarely get the bonus spin but you usually win little.

House of fun!

Excellent games to choose from. I have had many hours of spin fun for years. Thanks HOF!

I’m addictive to HOF

I love this game

Great game!

Fun to play, great graphics, and decent wins!

Fun game

Love this game actually have fun winning and losing when it’s not real money 🤫


Super fun

Favorite Slot Casino

Love these slots! Best online slots.

House of fun

Great came , just let me win more.

Love it

Fun Fun Fun

Spin to win challenge fail

I really don’t understand this challenge from a marketing view. To complete the challenge one has to get enough wins to fill the meter. If you don’t fill it, that means that you had a miserable time playing because you watched your coins disappear and had no decent sized wins. In my case, I had no wins worth mentioning. Level 839 and collected faithfully only to end up with no coins and a meter that was filled to 1.14%. Not only is that no fun whatsoever but it also Is not an incentive to buy coins. Who wants to pay for pretend coins when you are losing on just about every spin? And, I couldn’t even fill the meter to a measly 2% playing each and every coin I received all day long? Sorry HOF, I give you props when it is warranted but I think this is a giant fail when it comes to trying to entice your players to play as it only accentuates their losses. I had much better luck when I first started playing HOF, maybe because I was at a much lower level? Lately, your challenges either require massive wins or for the player to have really deep pockets to pay a small fortune for coins in order to have a shot of completing them.

Fun, but be ready to lose often

Great graphics. You win large jackpots, but lose a lot before you win. Losing is really what you do quite often, but it is fun!

Love this app!!

Best casino game out there!! Love the variety of addicting but so fun!! HOF has provided me with hours of entertainment!! This app has the best quality and variety of any other casino app out there! Love it!!!

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